Corby Rock Eggs Ltd

Over the past 12 years Corby Rock Eggs have enjoyed building a solid working relationship with Lohmann GB. As an independent pullet rearer supplying Point of lay birds into the Irish egg sector I believe attention to detail and customer service has been the key to our success. The proficiency and support we experience with all the Lohmann GB staff compliments this and ensure our daily operations run smoothly and efficiently.  

"With the diversity of our customers requirements we need a bird that we can easily manage on a variety of different production systems, we need to work with a breed we are able to manipulate to achieve the egg profile our producers require". The Lohmann is able to adapt to Organic, Conventional Free Range, Multi-Tier and Colony production systems with ease and delivers excellent performance when complimented with a focussed approach on suitable management.

The Lohmann bird's ability to acclimatise to any housing system, its prolific performance, the fact it will produce top quality saleable eggs and the continued customer support we receive from the Lohmann GB team means that we at Corby Rock Eggs Ltd see a very positive outlook for our continued partnership, growth and success in the future!

Richard Nesbitt (Manager), Corby Rock Eggs Ltd, Monaghan, Ireland.
Border Eggs

We have been working with Lohmann Brown Classic hens since we started Free Range egg production with 3,000 birds in 2007. 

Over the last few years we have grown to 104,000 birds on farm and each time we have expanded, we decided to stick with Lohmann Classic, as they help us to achieve great results flock after flock.

Egg size is of particular importance to us given the current demand for a larger egg. The Lohmann Brown Classic gives us this along with a consistent egg colour and low seconds throughout the flock. 

Lastly, the backup and advice we receive on farm from Kenny and Jamie helps give us the confidence to keep expanding.

James Maclean, Border Eggs, Berwick Upon Tweed
L & R Eggs

We became free range egg producers in 2016 and set up a 16,000 bird Jansen Aviaveiw Multi tier system. After a great deal of research we decided that Lohmann was the breed for us and we are now on flock 3 and haven't looked back.

The breed has proven to thrive on the multi tier and the birds can move freely through the system which greatly reduces aggression and mortality.  Most of the supermarkets demand a large egg and the Lohmann Brown Classic is the perfect bird to produce this.  Our birds achieved 360 eggs PHH over 79 weeks with fantastic feather coverage and only 6.7% mortality by the end of the flock.

We receive fantastic 'on farm support ' with advice and guidance when required.  The occassional event organised on Genetics and Feed hosted by Lohmann GB, will provide you with all the information you will ever need to assist you in managing your Lohmann birds.

"The Lohmann bird ticks all the boxes for our requirements and we have no intentions to change ."

Robert and Louise Spaul, L & R Eggs, Norfolk