Animal Welfare

Everyone at Lohmann GB Ltd is committed to the humane and respectful treatment of every bird in our care.

Our breeding flocks play an important role in feeding millions of people, so it's essential that they remain robust and disease free.

To this end, we have developed and implemented welfare policies that cover all aspects of bird management. We provide free access to nutritionally balanced diets and vaccinations against poultry diseases, and ensure our birds have safe and healthy living environments. Our flocks are under the supervision of veterinarians, nutritionists and flock supervisors at all times.

In addition, our breeding programme has welfare considerations built in. It evaluates a wide range of natural bird traits such as egg production, fitness, life expectancy, behaviour, resistance to disease and egg quality, with the overall goal of producing a robust, commercial bird that performs well in a wide range of environments.

Lohmann only use established and universally accepted methods of natural genetic variation, evaluation and selection in our birds.


In order to promote animal wellbeing and produce birds of the highest quality, we adhere to a number of welfare principles. These include providing access to good quality water and nutritionally balanced diets at all times; providing science-based health programmes and prompt veterinary care; providing shelter that is designed, maintained and operated to meet the birds' needs and to facilitate daily inspection; providing comprehensive care and handling procedures; and providing transportation that minimises travel time and stress.


Our welfare policies, practices, procedures and operational facilities undergo regular documented audits, both internally by Lohmann GB Ltd personnel and externally by recognised poultry welfare experts. Our goal is to maintain compliance with our own policies and with the latest developments in care and welfare practices when supported by research and practical experience.

Lohmann GB Ltd exceed minimum standards set out by RSPCA Assured and the BEIC Lion Code. We are accredited by Integra, British Lion Code, Animal & Plant Health Agency and all our facilities are Poultry Health Scheme registered.

Lohmann GB Ltd continually review and update their welfare policies to ensure that we meet and exceed the requirements of the UK market and regulatory bodies.