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March 2014


WORLD POULTRY  - Red Mite in laying hens remains a challenge (PAGE 22-24)

An interesting article on red mite infestation and Lohmann GB has done alot of research into red mites and have designed the RED MITE MONITOR - if you would like more information on the units or would like to purchase please contact Alison scott

Details on the article and price of the units are here...........................

World Poultry Article, Inforamtion on Red Mites and Cost of Units


Jan 2014

Article in Farm North East, Issue 61 - Page 12

Reduced egg breakages could save poultry producers millions of pounds

Dr Maureen Blain is carrying out extensive research on egg quality at the University of Glasgow

Mentioned in the article is the first trial of split feeding which Harbro have carried out on the current flock of Craig Grant at Skillymarno, Strichen, who has 16,000 LOHMANN LITE BIRDS. The birds have recorded impressive production figures to 72 weeks and will be taken to 80 weeks. Against the industry standard of 306 eggs, the flock has achieved 337.5 eggs - 31.5 eggs ahead of target and 10.3% over standard.

Cumulative mortality was 3.5% compared to the breed standard of 8% meaning a further 720 birds, were available for production.

Average feed consumption was 118g/head/day and egg weight followed the standard curve all through the lay.

Please take a look at the full article


June 2013

Farmlay Eggs, run by the Chapman Family at West Cockmuir sccoped the outstanding and overall

winner in the Producer/Retailer category.


A record number of entries were assessed based on their shell colour, egg weight, yolk colour, albumen quality, shell thickness, lack of meat or blood spots, external apperance and packaging.













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Movember 2016



November 2016

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Mar 2014

WORLD POULTRY - Article on Red Mites and how to tackle them - buy the LGB Red Mite Monitor more


Jan 2014

The Lohmann Lites are the birds of choice for the first UK trial by Harbro....article North East Farm, Issue more


Jun 2013

Farmlay Eggs scooped the outstanding and overall winner Championship in the "Producer Retailer" category using the Lohmann more


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